In charge of this little bar, there are Audrey and Romain

Romain is Ethylo founder. Professionnal barman, he was dreaming to open his own bar where he could let his creativity goes free. On top of the creation of the cocktails he knows every spirits available behind the counter.

His favorite cocktail? The Negroni
His favorite spirit? The Mezcal

Audrey is dealing with all admin and communication of Ethylo. Multi-tasking, she's doing that on top of her job. This tall red hair loves to sit at the counter to have a drink.

Her favorite cocktail? The Cosmopolitan
Her favorite spirit? The Acqua di Cedro

Ethylo wouldn't be Ethylo without its team

Bakhita is a little opera rat, dancer and dreamer. Her dream is to become a stylist.

Her favorite cocktail? The Mojito
Her favorite spirit? The verjuice (alcohol free)

Marie is an actress and a social worker. She is doing a master's degree in performing arts.

Her favorite cocktail? The Bloody Mary
Her favorite spirit? The Whiskey

Tips is the bar mascot. This chihuahua loooves parmesan.

Sarah is an Ethylo's former student who is known on the other side of the camera. Thanks to her, we can enjoy all of the pretty pictures on this website, Facebook or Instagram.
Catherine, our graphist, is in charge of our visual identity. Despite a really busy life, she's always available to adapt our menus at each modification.