Ethylo is a cocktail and spirit bar located just next to the park Josaphat in Schaerbeek.
Come dive into the 20s vibe and have a drink in cosy atmosphere with dim lights.

You can try one of our signature cocktails from our menu (regularly changed), ask for a classic or go for our large selection of spirits (more than 200 references). We also offer wines, Belgian beers, ciders and some tapas when you get hungry.

At Ethylo, all preparations are homemade and we strive to offering cocktails for everyone and every taste. In order to achieve that, we work with seasonal products and as local as possible. For example, we're collaborating with "Capucine à table" who's cultivating and harversting by hand her plants and flowers near Brussels.


The quality of our products and the creativity of our bartenders make Ethylo one of the best cocktail bars in Brussels.